Barnet news by Jackie Andrews

The Barnet beginners' course has been running well since January. Despite the huge interest in the course, this year we have limited numbers to twenty.
In February, South East Regional Bee Inspector Alan Bylam, who works for FERA, gave a very interesting, and useful talk to Association members on hive pests, particularly varroa and small hive beetle.
21st April sees Barnet Beekeepers screening our once forgotten, but nowre-discovered, Barnet Beekeepers' film, "A Year in the Apiary", made by members of the Association who also worked at one of the film studios in nearby Borehamwood back in 1936. A glimpse into the life of the Association and beekeeping in a bygone age. Hives immaculately painted white stand with steam trains chuffing along behind them. Crocuses are marshalled like a floriferous army under bare trees and meadows look like a sea of sunny yellow so dense were the dandelions. No-one wore beesuits but a gentleman would never have been seen in the apriary without a trilby or bowler hat (essential kit for the 1930s). 30 minutes of time travel to see how it was really done in the old days. The 21st April screening at Barnet Countryside Centre, Byng Road, Barnet, EN5 4NP, will be at 7.30pm. Fellow Hertfordshire beekeepers are very welcome to join us.

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