St Albans website goes live

The St Albans division has built a new website - see Whilst the site is in its early days and still has some development work to be done on it, it is already proving of interest as the site is now getting over 160 visits a month and has received enquiries about beginner’s courses and exhibition days.

The site contains the Division’s current calendar, and also contains an area for members only, which will hold contact details, “non-public” information and messages only meant for members.  The site also contains details for the public about swarms and provides some education about what is a honey bee and what is not!

We have linked Herts Bees to the site (as well as the BBKA and the National Bee Unit) and are open to suggestions for further links.  The Met Office report for St Albans is also linked in.

Linked to the build out of the website has been the creation of a number of “Sabka” email addresses which, once fully in used, we hope will separate out the growing amount of bee related emails from our own home emails, making them both easier to manage and also easier for emails to continue to be routed to the right recipient in the event of a change of committee member.

If any Herts Bees readers have any comments (constructive criticism is welcomed!) or suggestions for the site, we would be happy to receive them at, or

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