The BBKA Course in a Case®

Members Announcement

At the Spring Convention, the British Beekeepers Association will announce the launch of the first 'Course in a Case'  - the start of its radical new three year programme to improve the education of beekeepers.  The first CiC will be an introduction to beekeeping for beginners.

As part of the BBKA's commitment to education, each Member Association will receive one 'Course in a Case' (CiC) FREE of charge. Some are also being made available to the WBKA and the SBKA on the same basis by application through their National Secretary.

Distribution will take place in the next two weeks, so that as many Associations as possible will have had a chance to become familiar with the CiC before the Spring Convention.

For BBKA Member Associations, the CiC will be sent directly to the Secretary, but if you wish to collect your CiC at the Spring Convention, please contact  the BBKA office as soon as possible.)

We believe this new approach to training will be welcome by associations and we will be following up to record who will be responsible for the use of the material in the Associations' educational activity and, later in the year, how much use has been made of it and any suggestions for improvement.

This record will also be used to supply replacement parts, updates and information on future products.

Further copies of the CiC will be available on the following terms:

  1. A special offer of one additional copy per BBKA Branch for £50, up to the end of October 2010.
  2. Second and subsequent copies per Branch (and the first copy from Nov 1st 2010) for £95.
  3. Sale to the general public and educational establishments through BBKA Enterprises at any time - £150.

All prices are exclusive of delivery (currently £8.50 for UK mainland). You can also arrange collection from BBKA HQ.

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