BBKA Capitation

by David Brown HBKA Treasurer

The Primary capiation date is now the 1st April.  Capitation payments, for all members on the division membership lists at 24.00hrs, become payable for the year from the 1st April to the 31st March. The Second capitation date is the 1st September. Capitation payments, at full rate, for all members on the division membership lists at 24.00hrs, who have joined between 2nd April and the 1st September become payable for the year to the 31st March. There are no capitation payments for members registered after the 1st September until the following 1st April.

In February and August BBKA issues a membership list to Pauline Gibbs, the Membership Secretary, who passes this to the divisions to update. The updates are then passed to BBKA.

On 1st April and the 1st September BBKA issue a capitation invoice to Hertfordshire Beekeepers Association for those registered members on the BBKA list, split by division. I then forward that list to the divisional treasurer adding the capitation for HBKA.

The divisional treasurer updates/amends the list as appropriate, using the BBKA standard update form, and then forwards the required payent to me together with the amendment form. The HBKA members list is then amended/updated by Pauline and BBKA notified of the amendments. Payment for BBKA membership is forwarded by the treasurer to BBKA.

Remember that our members do not receive the benefits of BBKA membership until they have been registered with BBKA. So do not wait for the capitation process before registering your new members during the year.

Contact Pauline Gibbs the new membership secretary as soon as you have any changes to your membership list.

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