April 2010

Editorial by Paul Cooper

The temperature is rising, blossom is beginning to bloom and the bees are flying. We've had the AGM, Stoneleigh is just around the corner and we'll be coping with swarms and set honey before you can say "artificial swarm". How good it feels at the start of a new season.
We welcome Barnet's contribution to the newsletter this month and wish to highlight their showing of a film from 1936 called a Year in the Apiary, a clip of which will be available on this website soon. How beekeeping has changed in 75 years.
Out in the apiary, colonies will be growing rapidly so food supplies will need to be maintained particularly if we have some bad weather. Feed if required with half strength syrup or candy. On a warm day start spring cleaning by removing the entrance block and mouse guard. Clean the floor or replace it with a prepared one from your winter maintenance. Watch the weather to be ready to remove the feeder and put on a queen excluder and a super. Start weekly inspections as  swarming can start as early as late April if we get good weather.

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