Bee Disease Insurance

Brood Diseases Insurance is part of your BBKA membership fees and is £2.00 per annum for 1-3 colonies. Members can insure more colonies for the following additional premiums:

  • Up to 3 colonies, included in your BBKA membership fees
  • Up to 5 colonies an additional £2.00
  • Up to 10 colonies an additional £5.25
  • Up to 15 colonies an additional £7.75
  • Up to 20 colonies an additional £9.50
  • Up to 25 colonies (an additional £11.10
  • For 26 colonies or more please contact your association treasurer.

The insurance becomes effective each year when the annual subscription is paid. Make sure your have sufficient cover as your claim will be refused if you are found to have more colonies than you have cover for.

BDI Compensation Rates (2009 figures)

The rates of compensation for property insured are:

  • British Standard Brood Frame £1:90
  • All other Brood Frame sizes £2:70
  • British Standard Shallow Frame £1.40
  • All other Shallow Frame sizes £2:00
  • Crown Board £11.30
  • Glass Quilt £14.50
  • Saleable Honey (30lb maximum) £1.50/lb
  • Plastic Queen Excluder £4.00
  • Open Mesh Floors £10.00
  • Wire Queen Excluder £14.50
  • Slotted Steel Queen Excluder £6.00

...subject to condition. No other property will be paid for i.e. hives are not covered.

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