Ted Hooper MBE NDB (1918-2010)

by Geoff Mills, Hon. Life Member, Essex Beekeepers Association

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Ted passed away in hospital last Friday.

Ted was born in Devon over 90 years ago and spent most of his lifetime working with bees and instructing others in the art of beekeeping. He was the County Beekeeping Instructor for Essex for over twenty years, was Chairman of the National Diploma in Beekeeping and Chairman of the BBKA Examination board for many years.

In 1976 his book “A Guide to Bees and Honey” was published and it became the “Bible” of many beekeepers throughout Britain and the world. It has been translated into over twelve languages and has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. In 1985 in conjunction with Roger Morse, Professor of Apiculture at Cornell University in the USA, Ted co-authored the “Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Beekeeping” that was published by Alpha Books of Sherborne, Dorset, England.

Ted will be sorely missed and our condolences and good wishes go to his wife Joy and their family. I am indebted to many beekeepers for their help in producing this tribute.


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