BeeBase and Healthy Bees

BeeBase is a web based information tool for beekeepers in England and Wales run by The Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera) which is an executive agency of Defra. Beekeepers registered on Beebase can request a free apiary inspection visit from their local Bee Inspector and receive information and advice on disease recognition, control and colony husbandry and apiary management.

Many beekeepers have already registered so if you keep bees and have not yet signed up please do so. Registration is free of charge. The BeeBase website is at

Fera's Healthy Bees Project Management Board recently agreed the first phase of the husbandry and education programme. The programme includes making available and funding formally recognised ‘train the trainer’ courses to beekeepers who regularly provide training to other beekeepers. As a result the Board is offering two invitations for a train the trainer course to members of HBKA. The closing date for nominations to take up these courses is 7th January 2010 so if you are interested then please check the website or contact you division's secretary.

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