West Herts news by Margaret Tighe

Our last apiary meeting for 2009 was held on 3rd October at which we had a brief look at the remaining hives to remove queen excluders and ensure the bees had enough stores for the winter.  This was followed by a very pleasant chat and exchange of information and ideas.  At the same time we enjoyed a leisurely cup of tea plus a slice of delicious honey cake, kindly made by Mrs Clavey, wife of our hard-working Treasurer, Andy. 

I hope I will be forgiven if I am repeating things that I have said before, but throughout the summer the informal tuition at apiary meetings has been excellent.  This was provided by all our very experienced beekeepers and, particularly from our Apiary Manager, Bob Whittingham.

At the moment we have no dates for our hoped for, winter talks. 

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