BBKA Forum Report

by Peter Mathews

HBKA were represented by Robin Dartington (BuzzWorks) and myself. I was impressed by those coming from Sussex, Durham and other far flung places. Most of the meeting was devoted to Education & Training, and some brief notes are contained in the attachment. The aim of the Forum is to generate informal discussion in advance of the Delegates Meeting for directing the BBKA for 2010.

  1. Twickenham introduced the idea of open voting for the ADM card vote system. Voting is normally by a show of hands, ie one delegate one vote. For very close, or contentious issues, a card vote may be requested. The voting is then based upon the number of registered members represented by their delegate. The airing received mixed support. Whilst the proposal may be more open, the present system can hardly be described as undemocratic.
  2. Unlicensed Medicines - summary of present position. There are potential problems with people importing unlicensed medicines through internet sales. Products include varroacides such as Apivar and Apivar Live. These may have short term benefits for individuals, but may be ineffective long term unless introduced in a proper fashion.
  3. Tim Lovett will appear on Radio 4 'Gardeners' Question Time' to be broadcast 16th October.
  4. Tim described the background to BBKA walking out of the 'Healthy Bee Plan' meetings with FERA. Helen Crews replied on behalf of FERA. She apologized for the way BBKA had been treated, but explained that most of the decisions were made before FERA was formed so that she inherited a done deal.  Although the door is still wide open, there seems little point for a BBKA presence at meetings if they are being ignored in any discussion.
  5. Education will be the principal focus for the BBKA over the coming years, see attached.

Note the next Herts Exec Meeting is scheduled after the BBKA Delegates Meeting. This means we will not have an opportunity to discuss the agenda.  This will appear in the December 'BBKA News'. I will indicate my voting intentions then, but please feel free to draw our attention to any issues of concern.

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