Trouble with an extractor

by Peter Folge

I just had an Electric 15 frame Lega Stainless Steel Honey Extractor delivered personally by Johnathan from Maisemore Apiaries to my door this morning (ordered from their sales items as advertised in BeeCraft). All looked well until I asked to have it up and running. I was assured all was OK but insisted it would not take too long. Hmmm...

Firstly electric extractors now have a safety catch to stop the machines being opened while in use. This did not line up correctly or work very well at all. It was mentioned this could be by-passed which were my thoughts also.

Once up and running I decided to try fitting my national frames... Guess what..... The cage was far to big and all the supers fell through. Not a good start!

It was suggested that he would take the cage back to the Maismore workshop and have the cage cut down to size. Although a little hesitant I offered to pay half until the work was completed. He was not too happy and wanted full payment.

Of course his fault for selling unchecked? equipment; he ended loosing a sale and taking everything back. From his  point of view a very long waisted journey. He also told me he had quite a few cages coming back already!

Luckily I had not parted with any cash.

If he knew about this why is he selling these items wrongly described? 

Anyway be warned any new members buying extractors look else where.

Please can anyone advise me which electric extractors are to be recommended?

Please pass on this message. Many thanks.

Editor's note: the above views are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Herts Bees or Hertfordshire Beekeepers Association.

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