BBKA and Bayer

There has been some renewed criticism of the BBKA policy of engaging with Agro - Chemical companies following a recent incident in Germany associated with a product marketed by Bayer. BBKA's policy is one of:

constructive engagement with such companies to ensure that the products are sold with the correct instructions to farmers in relation to when and how to spray to ensure that honey bees are not affected

BBKA acknowledges that not all its members agree with the policy but say that the majority of members do. The Twickenham and Thames Valley Beekeepers Association are trying to overturn BBKA's policy at the 2010 ADM and are campaigning to try and force BBKA to withdraw from all pesticide and insecticide endorsement.

HBKA will be represented at the ADM and therefore your views on this matter should be passed up through your divisional officers for discussion at the HBKA Executive.

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