North Herts news by Christine Phillips

A good group of beekeepers new, old and prospective met last Tuesday (20th) to exchange news on summer successes and failures, swarms caught and swarms lost, honey harvested (in some cases lots of honey) and to hear Robin's report on Buzzworks. It was particularly good to be able to welcome the new members.
Hitchin Apple Day on Saturday was a much better day than the forecast suggested and although a little damp at times a steady flow of people visited the NHBKA stall to taste some honey direct from Graham's super, ask questions and buy honey. Potential new beekeepers and new sites for hives also materialised.
Now the clocks have gone back and the temperature is dropping it really feels as if winter is coming. Time therefore to put on mouse guards and woodpecker protection. Hungry woodpeckers are not easily deterred and as you can see from photo they are quite able to peck through thin metal.

This queen excluder must have provided a handy perch whilst pecking.
Christmas Party
Tickets for the Christmas party (December 12th) will be available at the next meeting or from Graham or me (£3) and please let us know if you will be bringing a sweet or a savoury dish.
Next meeting
November 17th, 7.30pm at Howgills is a talk by Letchworth Heritage Foundation's Ecologist Elizabeth Towler. The Heritage Foundation own a lot of land in N. Herts and their farming practices and land use obviously make a difference to our bees.
Future meetings
We are hoping to have the well known beekeeper and lecturer Roger Patterson at our February meeting – watch this space.

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