SE Herts news by John Mumford

The November Winter Meeting talks on ‘Honey and Pollen Yielding Plants’, given by Derek. and one on ‘Pollen’ given by Roy  turned out to be most interesting. Alas not many turned out to learn about these vital necessities of bees, and how these essential ingredients are gathered, stored and used.

I have quite a bit of Association honey in 30lb tubs going for a song, at £2.00/lb. to SE. Herts members. The tubs belong to me and are returnable!

Our next Committee meeting will be at 8.00pm on Thursday 14th January 2010 at 13 Heaton Court.

Please take note that the AGM will be at 8.00pm on Thursday 11th February at Pinewood School - I have sent out travelling instructions to all members on previous occasions; but if you need a further copy please give me a ring. We don’t want to hear any feeble excuses for your non-attendance do we!

I trust you and your bees will enjoy the Festive Season, and wish you all a Prosperous and Happy New Year.

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