North Herts news by Christine Phillips

The Letchworth Greenway was opened in 2003 and at an interesting talk last Tuesday we learned of the miles of hedgerows and thousands (27,000) of trees that have been planted along it so far, and of the picnic sites and education areas created. More woodland, hedgerows and community orchards are planned, and this winter the wide field margins of the Letchworth Farms Estate will be sown with wild flowers. All bees in the area should be very pleased as well as other insects, birds and small mammals.

Volunteers wanted at Willian Apiary

We are lucky enough to have been given an apiary site on the Greenway which is in a wonderful place from the forage point of view, but at present is not sufficiently separated from the public along one side. To remedy this Letchworth H.F. will provide us with plants for a mixed native hedge. When they arrive help will be needed to put them in. Although we can't set a date until they come, if you would like to be involved please give me a ring on 01462 623826.

N. Herts Christmas Party

The Christmas party is almost upon us. If you missed the last meeting and would like to come, or need directions to Boxwood give me a ring. (number above)

Next meeting

February 16th 7.30pm at Howgills. Roger Patterson's talk “A New Approach to Beekeeping” should be entertaining and, he says, will include something about nucs.


March 16th – usual time – usual place

Hope to see most of you at Boxwood but to those unable to come all the very best of Christmas wishes and a happy New Year.

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