West Herts news by Brian Norman

(The following was omitted from the June newsletter. Apologies West Herts members.)

Due to the change of weather, the May Apiary meeting was limited to a brief hive inspection. A preliminary look under the crown boards disclosed that a member's colony was now in need of extra space for the spring honey flow. A super was to be made up and placed on the hive during the following week. The belated spring rain has freshened up the local plant life, which seems to have already given the bees a boost to their foraging.

The next meeting in May is where the Association is holding its sale of equipment, this being the prelude to clearing and sorting of the shed that hopefully should be replaced during June.

The Apiary is looking for new swarms to boost the in-house colonies, also a reminder to those members who wish to place one of their own colonies in the Association Apiary, please contact the Apiary Manager.

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