The Garden for an Urban Beekeeper

The first garden created for the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) at the Chelsea Flower Show shows how to create a productive and safe area for bees in an urban environment.

Without bees there would be very few flowering crops. Today 60% of our food plants depend on bees especially tree fruit, soft fruit, salad crops, beans and pears. No bees – no healthy diet.

The article continues on the BBKA website.

Philippa O’Brien (right) explains her garden design to BBC Gardeners World presenter Carol Klein.

Bill Turnball (second left), Tim Lovett (BBKA Chair, right)) with the garden designer Philippa O'Brien (centre) and Clare Waring (Editor Bee Craft, left)

Professor Lord Robert Winston and other famous faces were also present!

Pictures 1 and 2 by Robin Dartington. Picture 3 by Clare Waring, Editor Bee Craft.

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