South East news by John Mumford

The Apiary meeting on Sunday 20th May was well attended. The hive inspections were all a bit boring. No-one got stung, the bees were doing quite well bearing in mind that Bayford is fairly high, cold, and windy, and only one Queen Cell with a small larvae was found.

As I write this report the Blackberries and Lime Trees are coming into bloom yet the Bluebells haven't quite finished. Some of the Horse Chestnuts have finished while others are still putting on a good show. The Spring honey flow was very good with the dry sunny weather but then swarming has been a big problem and many are now waiting for the weather to improve so that their new Queens can get mated. A FUNNY OLD YEAR WITHOUT A DOUBT ! The main honey flow normally lasts five to six weeks at most so the season could be all done and dusted by early July. Plenty of time then to get to grips with an effective VARROA treatment.

Our next Apiary Meeting is at Richard Ludwell's Apiary on Sunday 17th June at 3.00pm, a map is enclosed for our new members. PLEASE! Do the RIGHT thing and give Pat or Richard (☏) notice if you will be going, PLEASE!

We have volunteered to provide a stall at the Broxbourne Council Open Day on Saturday 7th July at Bishop's College and will in turn need some volunteers to help out and some produce for sale.

The next Committee Meeting will be at 8.00pm on Tuesday 12th June at Andrews Lane.

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