St Albans news by Anne Wingate

Please see elsewhere in Herts Bees for details of "Good Bee Husbandry Workshop". I think it would be a wonderful opportunity for all the new bee keepers who have attended courses in Barnet, S.E. Herts. and St. Albans to hear, watch and learn from Andy Wattam and Peter Heath, our local Bees Officer. Don't forget your packed lunch and bee suits.

Our last meeting in May saw an upturn in the weather giving us a good chance to access the nukes with the new Queens. I hope our course students now feel they have really started keeping bees.

All bee keepers need to watch the availability of honey stores after the spring honey has been removed for extraction. Looking around at the trees and fields there appears very little in flower. Are we back with the old "June gap"? We may need to feed so now is the time to use any frames removed earlier in the year containing "winter stores". Bees need to have sufficient food to keep the Queen laying, producing a continual replenishment of bees to be able to forage at the next honey flow.

Our yearly attendence at Earthworks is on Sunday 17th June, 11am to 4pm. We are promoting bee keeping with an observation hive, honey for sale and candle rolling for children. If you can spare a couple of hours to help make up the rota, please phone me on (☏).

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