Hitchin Bee Centre - the debate part 2

From Liisa - a local beekeeper:
The teaching of the traditional art of beekeeping is becoming more important, as the industrialization of our food goes marching ever on. The recent national press and television programmes have done much to bring the honeybee and beekeeping to the attention of the public, increasing the awareness of the critical importance of bees in the ecosystem and the possible threats of CCD.
The opportunity to have a Bee Centre in Hitchin was originally suggested by the local council and has been endorsed by its environmental health officer subject to strict conditions, and is welcome. It is also great to know that Defra’s bee unit top man and the BBKA’s Apiary Manager, both support the Bee Centre at Old Hale Way Allotments.
The interest and response from the allotment holders has been very positive, including the positive attitude to the possible risks, with the location of the Bee Centre to the allotments and the risk control measures that are to be taken. The donation of the woodwork for 8 hives from a national supplier is also very generous.
However, what is surprising is that no-one from the Herts beekeeping community, not involved in the project, has come to visit, given the interest. I am sure they would be very welcome. It is coming to conclusions without all the facts that is a great way to miss out on an opportunity. There is a great wealth of experience that could be contributed to the Bee Centre and the development of more Educational Bee Centers across the country, giving local people the opportunity of learning about bees and maybe experiencing beekeeping before committing to something they are not sure about.
Just a local Beekeeper

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