Hitchin Bee Centre - the debate part 1

From Derek Driver:
"The Dartington Apiary"
Have I misread the Newsletter? Is the idea, for the public to view bees and various hives in use? If so then the hives should be those most used by Beekeepers such as the National, Commercial, Langstroth, and the WBC. Certainly NOT eight Dartington hives! This sounds like Nepotism.
The Impression seems that it's all cut and dried but what about the following points ?
Robin seems to expect all the county members to pay for the start up cost of these eight hives but there is no mention of the cost of the other hives and what about the running costs over the next five, ten, or fifteen years?
Who will manage this apiary over these years and at what cost per annum?
Robin's local Hitchin division, seem flush with money, but sensibly decline to contribute their funds, yet Robin seems to expect them and others to provide all the colonies of bees plus equipment for free.
Is not Hertford the county town of Hertfordshire? So what efforts has Robin made to find a suitable site near Hertford ?
The county executive has no mandate from our members to spend thousands of pounds of what little funds we have, on Robin's apiary, without the members voting, yes or no.
If the executive does give our money to this apiary without our vote then I'm sure many members will leave Herts! Remember SE Herts and Bishop's Stortford divisions border on Essex. Other members could also leave and then where would the executive find the money from ?
Perhaps all the above was answered and I've misread the Newsletter, I sincerely hope so.
Derek Driver
Chairman SE Herts Division.
P.S. Have his allotment holders experienced a swarm of bees passing through them, I have, and we have no hives near our allotments. Perhaps if they had this experience whilst working their plots, they would be less enthusiastic. Did Robin even explain this possibility I wonder?

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