Welwyn news by Peter Mathews

Firstly, many thanks to all those who returned the question sheet with contact details. This is already making my job so very much easier. Please note that your e-mail address is going no further than me.

The first Apiary Meeting at Raffin Green proved a big success with strong interest from 8 new members. And, huge thanks to Fizzy for providing apr├Ęs-bee hospitality. As most of you already know, our next meeting on Saturday 2nd June will feature a guest demonstration by Peter Heath. Peter is the Regional Bee Diseases Officer, and has huge experience in beekeeping. He is also very up to date in the very latest in good practice. Not to be missed! This is now a whole day event and will combine visits to members' hives through the day starting at 9.00am and closing about 4.00pm. Itinerary to follow. You are welcome to join the tour for all, or any of it. We aim to be at Raffin Green at the usual time of 10.30 am. Please note my mobile number (☏) - I will not be driving.

I am also collecting names of those interested in a visit to see the Dartington hive at Robin's apiary in Hitchin.....just let me know!

Other dates:
9th June - Bee Husbandry at Chiswell Green, see this newsletter
16th June - Welwyn Street Market; we need you + honey for sale, setting up from 8.00 - 8.30 am (contact Peter Folge ☏)

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