September 2010

Incorporating news from July & August

Welcome to Herts Bees after a summer break.  This newsletter is long overdue but hopefully worth the wait.

How should I summarise the summer?  It was late (frosts in May), a good honey flow in June/July, cold & wet in August (again) and a good year for all insects including bees, wasps and earwigs! I hope you had a successful beekeeping season and are well into your winter preparations of treatment and feeding.

It was disappointing to hear of the hive thefts in St Albans. The measures some people will go to!

Capel Manor is happening on 18th September. Please go along and support South East Herts who will be putting on the show. 

Finally the way that articles are submitted will be changed to ensure a more timely publication in Herts Bees. Articles should appear within a day or so of submission. A monthly summary will still be circulated. 

Paul Cooper

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