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The HBKA will stop sending Divisions printed copies of Newsletters in 2011, but will continue sending it out by e-mail. This will increase divisional costs which for us will mean an increase in subscriptions for 2011. The committee propose to increase subscriptions to cover the increased costs, and give those who receive the Newsletter by e-mail a discount. All this will need to be decided at the next AGM.

The beekeeping season is nearly finished for 2010. Just the last of the honey extraction to be done and the storing of empty supers protected from the dreaded wax moths, ( frost will kill all stages of wax moth). And any feeding necessary should be completed by the end of the month. And most importantly Varroa control.

At the association apiary meeting on Sunday 5th. September we took three well filled supers off, and Tom Dawson kindly took them away to extract the honey - thanks Toms. We put the Varroa treatment on the one hive and straighted up another that had been taken over by a swarm. Roy Cropley marked and clipped the swarm Queen, but they will need about 6-Killogrammes of sugar in syrup form to ensure they get through winter.

We have a couple of events coming up which need some attention.

1. Saturday 18th. September 2010 : -

SE Herts will be heading up a show at Capel Manor with help from the Bishops Stortford Division and we aim to put on the following stalls.

At the moment I don't know at what time we can start setting up on the Friday afternoon, however we can get on to site at 8.00am on the Saturday. The Show will be open to the Public from 10.00am till 5.00pm on Saturday.

We will need some volunteers to man the stalls ! - Please let me know if and what time you can give - please don't just turn up on the day - it make me look a right twitt when one minute there is no-one around and the next minute those who have volunteered for a slot are swamped with casual helpers.

Please let me know on 01992 624639 If and what times you can do - I can then make out a rotor.

  • A Sales Stall  - Honey will be sold at £4.50 per Lb. & £2.50 per ½Lb. The association will deduct 10% from all sales.
  • An Observation Hive.
  • A Honey Extraction Stand by Bishops Stortford.
  • A Candle Rolling table.
  • A Childrens Bee Picture Colouring Table.

  2.  Saturday 9th. October 2010 : -

Possibly the most enjoyable event in our calendar. Daphne Rooke who has headed up the groups who have done the catering for many years, has decided that "enough is enough", and it's time for someone else to take over, (I know exactly how she feels).

So we need a volunteer to head up a catering group, and volunteers to help out. Daphne has indicated that she is prepared to give all advice necessary to her successor.

So members, members partners, and members children. get it all for FREE ! Visitors will be charged £5.00 per head.

Please let my know what help you can give!

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