Has the World Gone Mad?

by Derek Driver

Recently at a dinner, the lady next to me mentioned that she belonged to the W.I and her group had bought a new hive for one of their members. Intrigued, I asked, how many colonies did the recipient have? The reply was, none. I then said, oh, she’s going on a beekeeping course? No, was the reply. Now I was puzzled, so I then asked why did the W.I. buy her anew beehive? Back came the reply, to help the bees of course!! This set me thinking as over the last few years there have been reports of individuals and small groups receiving cash ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds, “to help the bees”!  I was reminded of when I was twenty and in the civil service. (Not for long) There were individuals who with Machiavellian delight would write wonderful eloquent reports on major schemes / projects, ticking all the political correct boxes, including of course "education, education, education" thus persuading the finance department to fund these projects, none of which these individuals believed in. Surely all funds gained by members, should be sent to BBKA, to be totally spent on research for the benefit of every beekeeper in Britain and not just be used for the benefit of the few, who know how to tick all the correct boxes ?

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