BBKA Membership Cards

by Peter Mathews

You should have received your 2010/11 membership card together with the June "BBKA News". If you have "BBKA News" and no card, you probably tossed it in the bin with the letter and envelope! If you have neither then contact your branch Membership Secretary who will chase this up for you. If you are a recent member, then your membership may well be 'in the system'. With so many new beekeepers everyone is struggling to keep records up to date. [Note - BBKA registration is not included if you have only local, or social membership]. Keep your card in a safe place as you will need it for BBKA web access, discount from Stoneleigh, Booker etc. More importantly you will need it should you have to claim on your insurance. Do not lose it ! [ You know who I'm talking about !]

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