West Herts news by Margaret Tighe

As I type this there is at last a feel of spring about the garden, despite the fact it is still somewhat cold! 

The WHBK Association are springing into action with their AGM which is to be held in the dining room at Croxley House, Croxley Green, WD3 3JB, at 8pm Monday, 1st March.   This is the one event in our calendar at which the majority of members, associate members, potential members all get-tougher and is well worth attending.   

Having heard that we can get a discount on sugar at Bookers Cash and Carry, I thought readers might be interested to hear something my elderly cousin told me recently.  During the Second World War, her mother kept bees, and the Government gave her 80 lbs (she was not 100% sure about the amount) of sugar per hive, each year.  This must have been a great incentive to beekeepers!

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