North Herts news by Christine Phillips

Woodpeckers have been busy at Nortonbury this winter. Somehow they have managed to get inside chicken wire and make small holes in many of N.Herts' hives. Fortunately the bees seem to have survived and on the one sunny day recently when the temperature climbed to an amazing 8C several hives had bees circling, stretching their wings and presumably emptying their bowels. A welcome sight after the long cold winter. I hope they don't get too active though before the fresh spring pollen and nectar is available to them.

Next meeting

To get us thinking about how to be better beekeepers this season Roger Patterson will be at our February meeting (16th) with some suggestions for a “New Approach to Beekeeping” It should be an interesting and entertaining talk. Roger is a well known beekeeper from W. Sussex and is also involved with BBKA, BIBBA and BDI.


Our AGM for 2010 will be on February 16th at Howgills at 7.45pm.  Minutes of last year's AGM will be available from 7.30pm.

May I wish everyone a very happy 2010 with good health and plentiful honey. Hope to see as many of you as possible at Roger's talk on 16th at 7.30pm at Howgills. Anyone who hasn't been to Howgills before please give me a ring for directions – 01462 623826.

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