SE Herts news by John Mumford

Our 63rd. AGM was attended by 17 members and 6 non-members and went off OK. Derek Driver resigned from the committee and therefore gave up the Chairmanship after 7 years in the post. Tom Dawson was then chosen by the incoming committee to be our Chairman for 2010.

Roy Cropley was unable to finalise the accounts: -  this is mainly due to the recent change in the BBKA Constitution and the way affiliation Fees are now determined. The BBKA Register is not well maintained which leads to all sorts of other problems (no BBKA News and no Beginners Packs). On the up side we did however make a profit of more than £500.00 on the year. A copy of the accounts will be circulated once they are complete.

NOTE    I have to take all members who don’t pay their subscriptions before 31st March from the BBKA Register and they then loose all BBKA benefits.

Full Annual Subscriptions are to remain as last year - £20.00 with a £2.00 discount if paid before 31st March - Associate Membership remains at £5.00. Members who didn’t attend the AGM should find a 2010 Subscription Remittance Slip with this Newsletter.

The speaker for the Winter Meeting at Pinewood School at 8.00pm on Thursday 11th March has not yet been confirmed, but if he can’t make it we propose to have a ‘Beekeeper’s Question Time’, with questions from the audience.

The bees continue to battle against the cold weather, and I was pleasantly surprised a few days ago when the bees did get out and have a fly around at how well they have done. The 4-Frame Nucs have done very well, and I hope to have a few Nucs and Colonies for sale around mid April - yes the weather will improve!

The next Committee Meeting will be at 8.00pm. on Thursday 25th March at Andrews Lane.

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