Plan Bee update

To help reverse the worrying decline in the UK bee population, The Co-operative has launched Plan Bee, a 10 point plan that includes action on pesticides, actions on farms, funding research and inspiring individuals to make a difference. If you are into social networking then you can follow @planbee1 on twitter.

Plan Bee has teamed up with dogwoof to produce a film call Vanishing of the Bees which will be hitting the cinemas on the 9th October.  A trailer and introduction has been put on You Tube.

Vanishing of the Bees

Imagine half a million adults skipping town and leaving their children behind. Picture an opened suitcase filled with bundles of cash at a bus stop and yet no robber wants to snatch it. The apiary science mystery known as Colony Collapse Disorder displays these very symptoms. Not only do the bees abandon their hive, but the queen and the brood as well. Unnatural. Unheard of. Even the predators that usually raid the hive for honey stay far away. At first, this occurrence sounds like an urban legend or an exaggerated tale. Except it's not. The situation is both dire and all too real. Bees are disappearing all over the planet and no one knows why.

See a screening of The Vanishing of the Bees + Q&A
 with director Maryam Henein alongside Alison Benjamin and 
Brian McCallum (co- authors of A World Without Bees) on Saturday 10 October at 6.15pm (Q&A after screening).
 Tickets:  £12 / £10 Cinema Club Members. Following the Q&A authors Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum will be signing copies of their recent publication A World Without Bees in the foyer.
 Tricycle Cinema, 269 Kilburn High Road, London, NW6 7JR. Box Office: 020 7328 1000.

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