October 2009


As September draws to a close we are experiencing a long warm and dry spell. Colonies have been consuming higher than normal quantities of winter feed as brood comb was not being filled during July & August due to the cool and wet weather.  The warm weather means that the thymol-based varroa treatment, that we should all now be using, is functioning correctly at its minimum working temperature of 15°C.

This month's Herts Bees contains the usual reports from the divisions (many thanks to the contributors) as well as news about honey bee campaigns such as Plan Bee and the Natural Beekeeping Network.  EFB seems to be striking a number of locations across Hertfordshire and Andy Wattam explains what is being done to stop the spread.

The possibility of HBKA doing bulk buying has been raised a few times over the years. When it was last tried I understand that there were problems with the storage and collection of items and hence bulk buying wasn't continued. However, if there is interest in trying again then there are probably sufficient members that could coordinate it on behalf of HBKA.

To gauge the level of interest, please let me know:

  1. whether you would take advantage of a bulk purchase?
  2. what sort of supplies would you want (e.g. foundation, jars, thymol crystals, Apiguard, etc.)?
  3. if you would be prepared to help to run the scheme?

Bedfordshire runs a very successful scheme for a limited selection of goods, with two members, one in the north and one in the south of the county acting as stockists.  Maybe we could learn from their experience or even participate in their scheme.

Please send me you thoughts and comments. It won't happen unless there is sufficient demand.

How much have you been selling your 1lb (454g) jars of honey for? The price at Bee World was £4.50. Sometimes 12oz jars sell for a similar amount!

Please check the calendar for winter meetings in your area. If there are any events that are missing then please email me. The next two month's worth of events are sent out each month with the printed calendar.

Finally, Herts Bees is now on twitter!  Follow us @hertsbees.

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