Buglife report on neonicotinoids

by Robin Dartington

Does anyone care to read 45 pages?

http://www.buglife.org.uk/Resources/Buglife/Neonicotinoid insecticides report.pdf

Neonicotinodites are the most potent insecticides ever invented. A few parts per billion disrupt insects nervous systems. It is hot stuff at present, the Co-op have banned all use on their farms, whilst BBKA accepts sponsorship from Bayer. Private Eye are probing for chances of a fight.

Editor's note: The mode of action of neonicotinoids is similar to the natural insecticide nicotine, which acts on the central nervous system. In insects, neonicotinoids cause paralysis which leads to death, often within a few hours. However, they are much less toxic to mammals and under the WHO / EPA classification these compounds are placed toxicity class II or class III. Because the neonicotinoids block a specific neural pathway that is more abundant in insects than warm-blooded animals, these insecticides are selectively more toxic to insects than mammals.

Would anyone care to review the report for the next newsletter? Please send me your copy by 20th October.

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