Ernest McCormick Senior Judge and President of Lancashire & NW BKA

by Sheila Myron Hon. Secretary Liverpool Beekeepers

I am sending this email to you all as Ernest judged at shows around the country and knew many beekeepers.

Mr Ernest McCormick was until recently a long standing President of the Lancashire and NW Beekeepers Association, and was also a well known and respected Senior Honey Judge.Mrs Gill McCormick has asked me to let beekeepers know that on Tuesday, 8th September, Ernest had a massive heart attack and died around 8am at Whiston Hospital. His funeral will be on Tuesday, 29th September, at 3.30pm, at the St Helens Crematorium on Rainford Road near to its junction with the East Lancs Road and the Rainford Bypass. I can send a map if requested. Gill would be very happy to see former beekeeping associates at the funeral.

I know that Ernest became allergic to bee stings and had to give up his bees prior to 1969, but then went on to study and become a senior judge. Can anyone fill me in on the details of his beekeeping and treatment for the allergy, or his days as a judge, as I didn't start beekeeping until 1986 and don't know his 'early life'. I would be very grateful for any information.

Thanking you all. No flowers please but donations to the British Heart Foundation.

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