Foulbrood Disease Alert

by Andy Wattam, National Bee Inspector

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am providing this information for the time, until your Newly Appointed Regional Bee Inspector Keith Morgan gets to grips with the intricacies of the job. As you know in the past I have provided a list of 10km Squares on a regular basis within Eastern Region only where Foulbrood has been found. The information is now available directly from Beebase, and also shows the whole country - split down into individual counties with the number of cases. This is updated on a daily basis.

Beekeepers and Bee farmers in these areas should be vigilant and advise us of any colonies which they are concerned about. Priority Inspection Visits of all known apiaries and beekeepers within a 5km radial sweep of the affected apiary(s) continue and Inspections will, subject to weather conditions continue until as late into October 2009 as is feasible

If you have moved colonies into, or out of these areas since your last visit from the Bee Inspector - please advise us at your earliest convenience. Your help and cooperation is, as always greatly appreciated in completing our visits as swiftly as possible.

Useful Contact Details

Keith Morgan - Eastern Regional Bee Inspector: 07919 004215 - E-Mail:

National Bee Unit: 01904 462510 - E-Mail:

Contact for Seasonal Bee Inspectors:

Andy Wattam, Food & Environment Research Agency, National Bee Inspector, Willow House, 4,Lincoln Road, Bassingham, Lincolnshire, LN5 9HE.

Office Telephone: 01522 789726 - Mobile: 07775 027524 - Email:

NBU Web Site: FERA Web Site:

Editor's note: For those without the internet, Beebase just reports that EFB has been found somewhere in the following 10km squares:

  • centred just north of Welwyn Garden City
  • centred on Rickmansworth
  • centred on Barnet
  • centred between Brentwood and Billericay
  • centred on Runwell (Essex)

10km accuracy is not very helpful but there is a desire to publish more accurate location data.

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