West Herts news by Brian Norman

The last meeting at the apiary enabled the members to check the status of the colonies. The newer colonies were given some supplementary food even though pollen and nectar were evident by the activity on the alighting boards. One of the members’ hives presented its owner with a small late excess of honey, extraction was still to be done so it will be interesting to hear the outcome.

Reflecting back over this years beekeeping, it certainly has been a year with a difference, our hopes and also that of the bees were raised by the early spring, thereby allowing the opportunity for the colonies to rapidly expand with the early nectar and pollen flow. The less said about the summer weather the better. Smaller colonies struggled to get established, but for all the weather setbacks, a reasonable show in colony strength and a bonus crop at the end of the season seems to be a trend for the seasons to be extended with differing nectar crops, so that the bees are far more active for longer periods of time.

On a sad note, a former member of West Herts has just passed away. Roland Sweet was a very active member of the association and a stalwart member of the committee for many years with very innovative ideas.

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