Thanks to West Herts Beekeepers

from Margaret Tighe

BEEKEEPING 1957 – 2007

For many years I have wanted to take up beekeeping and, at last, fifty years after my late father first started keeping bees, I am discovering the wonders of the bee world.

I attach a copy of a photograph taken in January 1957 with my first camera. As a child I lived in Essex (yes, I am an Essex girl - I hope it was not too obvious at bee meetings!) and this beehive was situated in our back garden. It was my father’s first hive of bees and it was the beginning of honey for breakfast or tea for many years to come for the whole family (five children altogether).

Last April I joined the West Herts Beekeepers Association and I am writing to express thanks and gratitude to all the people that I got to know as a result of this.

First of all Andy Clavey, to whom I first spoke, was very kind and helpful and an excellent ambassador for anyone thinking of taking up beekeeping. Secondly to Diane and Lindsay, who not only gave me much help and advice when supplying me with essential bee equipment, but also, when a suitable swarm arrived, went to an enormous amount of trouble catching it and helping me transport it to my very first hive!

Throughout the summer, I thoroughly enjoyed the fortnightly meetings at the West Herts. Apiary; everyone (Brian, Robin, Laurie and others who I hope will forgive me for not remembering their names), was friendly and supportive and the teaching was excellent. Once again, a big thank you to you all!

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