North Herts news by John Hill

Yet another year gone!, I get older, everything seems to happen earlier, and faster. At the time of writing .... mid January already!!... and last Christmas has become a sort memory one tries to recall frequently, but unfortunately the event already seems to be getting very blurred at the edges. There’s no doubt that, speaking for myself, short term memory is very fractured, ( I might even have said this before!), Who’s that person,? What’s his/her name? I know that face!? Where’s that book/wallet/credit cards etc. etc.? I give up ,... I just have to live in my confusion,...and life goes on, faster and faster.. Even my diary seems to be filling up fast. Ah...well, Here’s our news,...... If I can remember it!

Our bee-party was a great success. We had about 22 paid up members attending...all brought the plate of their own choice. We made a profit of £23 on the evening including the raffle (£5). There were about 12 prizes in the raffle, and any double winners were ‘persuaded’ to put their ticket back!! Excess wine was auctioned off, and realised £11. It was all very festive, and a pleasure to see everyone “pre-season”, so to speak.

At a recent County Executive Meeting we were reminded that we are expected to organise the yearly “Bee World” event at Capel Manor in 2008. This will require considerable effort from North Herts members, please help where you can. Also, there will be a vacancy for County Secretary at the AGM in March, Helen Irving has done a great job, but cannot continue. If you feel you can fill this very interesting, but not too challenging post please come to the AGM and volunteer!

Our February meeting will take place on the 12th. (second Tuesday), at the usual venue, Friends’ Meeting House, Sollershott East, Letchworth, at 7.30 p.m. We are hoping to have a speaker who will give us inspiration!!!.. And, also at our AGM in March , another speaker, whom we haven’t yet ‘firmed up’. We may abandon our Honey Tasting Competition until April, and have a shortened AGM. Watch this space in the March Newsletter. See you all soon!!

Now for Dec/Jan answer to the teaser about the yellow, striped, hairy, bees.... It’s False...Some hairy bees may have 6 stripes,.... But it’s not definite. Ready for another?

See if you can work out the last number in the following pairs of numbers,.. shown with a ‘?’.
589 ... 521
724 ... 386
1346 ... 9764
? .... 485
And finally:- Here are two ‘snippets’ of poetry written by the same well known poet, any ideas who it is/was? There is a “hidden clue”!!
Great things are done when men and mountains meet;
This is not done by jostling in the street.
I give you the end of a golden string:
Only wind it into a ball,
It will lead you into Heaven’s gate
Built in Jerusalem’s wall.
And to end; I hope 2008 will bring you all a satisfying time with your bees, “with loads of Honey”. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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