South East AGM by Derek Driver

Belonging to any organisation confers on its members certain rights and responsibilities. Committees hear a lot about members rights, however, members responsibilities are often ignored.

AGM’s are an important event in the calendar of all organisations, and the coming AGM is no exception. Most members of the Committee, and those stalwarts who always help out with our activities, have either reached the ‘BIG 70’ or are very close. These members can’t continue forever, even if they wanted to, and so if you, the members, want our group to attend Shows, arrange Meetings, organise Beekeeping Courses, and Harvest Suppers etc. then younger members need to step forward and take on some responsibilities by joining the Committee.

New ideas and new energy are required to improve our activities still further. Any of the current committee members would be more than willing to advise and help any newcomer!

If we don’t have any new volunteers then we can only assume that members will be content if all our activities cease, and we don’t arrange a Programme of Events for the Year, and members with beekeeping problems are left to just get on with it!

I find it hard to believe that this is what our members want. If it is, then why do they continue with their membership? So please make time to attend the AGM and speak up for what YOU believe our group should be doing.

Better still Join the Committee and make things happen!

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