Wanted - Honey Queens

I would like to take the opportunity of using this blog to appeal for the participants to join in the hunt for the next British Honey Queen.

Have a think. Is there anyone in your club who might make a good ambassador for beekeeping? Some one who could communicate well with the press and public? The person may not already be a beekeeper or even a member of your club.

Could this be a great way to recruit new members who might have an interest in becoming honey queen? Is there an event in your beekeeping club year that would benefit from a publicity boost? Could this be used to stage the selection process for your club honey queen?

At the county level, have any other clubs found honey queens? Could a County Honey Queen competition be the thing your county honey show needs to increase member and public attendance?

My route to becoming British Honey Queen was relatively painless but now we have a brilliant opportunity to generate much press and public interest in beekeeping. Please start the hunt for your club honey queens. Time is running out. Now Apimondia in Australia is having a Honey Queen Competition, we need to find the next British Honey Queen.

Ceri Cryer - World Honey Queen

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