Bee World by Richard Peterson

Capel Manor was again host for Hertfordshire Beekeepers annual showcase of beekeeping and the event, held on Saturday, September 23, was blessed with lovely warm autumn weather that drew in a fair number of visitors to the Centre.

The major exhibitors were St Albans with their display on forage, pollen and pollination, South East Herts with their observation hive and candle rolling and Bishops Stortford Beekeepers with the ever-popular demonstration of extracting honey from the supers. These were supported by Welwyn Beekeepers with honey sales, Brian Fairey with a display of fruits and flowers frequented by bees and Robin Dartington with a stand dedicated to his Long Hive beekeeping system that also gave visitors a glimpse of what is contained within the hive.

‘Bee World’ again attracted a steady flow of visitors as it was situated in a room adjacent to the foyer and had to be passed by people as they entered the building on their way to the ‘London Farm and Garden Show’s City Harvest Festival being held at the Centre that day. It was a pity that ‘Bee World’ was not listed amongst the advertised events on the billboards as this might have increased the number of visitors to our promotion, as this is probably the major beekeeping event held in Hertfordshire and one of the best events for recruitment.

Take up the challenge
We understand that the display of beekeeping has been invited to return next year so we are looking for some new blood and different ideas to give the promotion a fresh appeal. We have used the same or similar displays for the last two shows so it is time for a change. Anne Wingate who has organised the events in the past will be unavailable next year owing to some family commitments so we all have been given plenty of notice for somebody to throw their hat into the ring and make next year’s show a bigger and better event in the interest of...

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