SE Herts news by John Mumford

The Harvest Supper was a great success. Thanks go to all the ladies who bought and provided the food. The Skillman Shield was awarded to Daphne Rooke for her jar of honey.

The association apiary colonies have now been fed and treated with Thymol. I was a bit concerned as the mite drops proved to be much higher than I expected (60 per day), since at the September apiary meeting the bees looked quite good, but they have now come down to an acceptable level. The exceptionally warm weather during October has meant that the bees have continued to maintain large amounts of brood. Although this is good as regards having lots of young bees to carry the colonies through winter it does mean that any Varroa mites surviving the Autumn treatment have multiplied also.

The winter meeting at 8.00pm. on Thursday 16th November at the Hoddesdon Baptist Church Hall will be about 'Keeping Hive Records'.

Anyone dithering about whether or not to enrol on the Beekeeping Course should make up their minds quickly. The numbers will be limited to not more than TWENTY and space is fast running out.

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