October 2010

Editorial by Paul Cooper

Another beekeeping year draws to a close.  As well as the usual divisional reports, there is an extensive report from our busy-bee president, Jane Moseley, notes from the recent HBKA Exec meeting, details of the Honey Show and advice, if not too late, from the National Bee Unit on how to prepare colonies for winter.

After a few warm days in September, autumn is finally here with wet and windy weather at the start of October. If we do have any sunny days the bees will be out collecting the last of the season's pollen and nectar from ivy flowers which seem to be in great profusion this year, at least in east Herts.  Hopefully you should now have completed the varroa treatment and also finished feeding your bees if using syrup.  Now is the time to put on the woodpecker protection (a wrap of chicken wire) and fix the mouseguards across the entrance.

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