Bishops Stortford news by Jane Moseley

5 Queens, 10 Jars & 1 Councillor

Our last Apiary meeting of the season included all of the above. A healthy turn out of about 20 members congregated at my house ready to inspect my 5 colonies. We split up into 2 groups with Dennis & Paul leading the inspection of a group of 3, while I led the inspection of the remaining 2. It actually turned out to be quite exciting as all 5 Queens were spotted despite 3 of the 5 not yet being clipped or marked. Comments were made about the health of the colonies which I put down to my use of BeeVital HiveClean, which everyone was very interested in. I have been using it since taking the honey off at the end of July and used before the supers went on and the Bees seem to think it’s OK.
Following our inspection we retired to the patio and tea. My mother - my wonderful assistant - was responsible for registering honey entries and blinding them. After tea and cakes we did our tasting - not the ideal, but hey if the honey tasted good following cakes 'n' tea/coffee it was definitely going to be a winner. The Winner - John Dockerill - was awarded his Bees Knees Honey certificate by our visiting celebrity - Local Councillor Colin Woodward. Colin is in full support of BSBKA and ways in which we can increase the number of BeeKeepers within the region. I am pleased to report that our Course in a Case has arrived and now the fun will begin as we create our first ever course to take place in the new year, a somewhat daunting yet exciting prospect. We have support of the other divisions within the county for which I and the other members are most grateful. BSBKA have no further apiary meetings scheduled for the rest of the year at this time, although we are to have our first ever harvest supper with dates to be confirmed.

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