Stoneleigh 2010

by Peter Mathews
Good to see so many HBKA at Stoneleigh this year. Sales at the  exhibition were even more manic that last year. Getting served was a nightmare. BBKA need to give some real thought to expanding the show, or maybe holding it over two days ease congestion.
As always, the various talks and workshops are an important part of  the weekend. I understand the two queen rearing workshops were sold out within a week or so of tickets going on sale. Get in early next year ! Unfortunately, most speakers from abroad were unable to get there as flights were cancelled due to that dust cloud. To make matters worse, speakers from NBU were not permitted to address an audience in the run up to an election. Stand-ins and repeat lectures were appreciated. The wax workshop was twice repeated and still oversubscribed.
This was the first convention when I have stayed over. It offers a  big advantage in sneaking a convenient parking spot by avoiding the marshals.

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