Welwyn News by Tamora Leslie

Sometimes it may be difficult to get volunteers to man stands at thevarious events promoting beekeeping throughout the year. I am sure that the thirteen who donated their time to cover the Hatfield House Country Show from 21st to 23rd August felt that their time was well spent. Apart from the interaction with a very interested public and the delighted faces of the children looking at the observation hive, time on the stand allowed the volunteers to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in abundance. The smaller Autumn Food Fair, although a smaller event, might provide a similar opportunity to promote the Association. The annual event at Capel Manor will be taking place on 20th September so we will be looking for helpers for that date, together with supplies of honey and honey related items. This year's last meeting at the Apiary will take place on Saturday 5th September. The final meeting usually covers winter preparation including final bee treatment andfeeding, and although a little early - outer hive protection against the likes of woodpeckers and the protection of stored comb against mice and wax moth. Best wishes.

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