September 2009


Welcome to the new style Herts Bees newsletter. For those of you that read the printed version there will not be too many changes. For those reading it on the internet you will see lots of subtle changes that will make the site easier to use and also more interesting. The old site will gradually be migrated across so check back for further updates.

Secondly, many apologies to all readers for the absence of the July/August edition of Herts Bees. A family wedding, holidays and a very busy time looking after my bees at the end of June meant that this edition was not printed. It is available on the website and is available in print form if you would like to contact me.

As I have indicated, it has been a very busy summer with many swarms to be collected, multiple artificial swarms from the same colony (3 from one of mine) and tons of honey. I have taken off 390lbs this season - not bad from just two colonies at the start of the season.

In this month's newsletter we we have some great news concerning a new type of beehive brought to market by Omlet, the people that make the interesting "Eglu" chicken houses. We have an offer to test a new type of varroa treatment and also are reminded about how long we have had to worry about the dreaded parasite.

It is the end of August and varroa treatment and the winter feed should be well underway. Give them plenty of feed and don't let them starve this winter.

Paul Cooper

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