Silver Spoon British Sugar at Trade Prices for beekeepers

Members of UK beekeeping associations are now welcome to shop at any of Booker's 173 trade-only Cash and Carry stores. Booker's price for granulated sugar is about 60p per kilo. Booker is a trade-only wholesaler, and each member should register individually with their local store. When registering, each member should present their current BBKA membership card if in England, or their current BDI insurance certificate or local BKA membership card in Wales, or a letter from their local BKA secretary or local BKA membership card in Scotland. There are no Booker stores in Northern Ireland. They will then be registered and able to shop straight away. A membership card will be sent by post within 14-21 days. Payment is by cash or debit card when leaving the store.

Members can visit to find their nearest Booker store. This new arrangement has been approved by Booker head office, Northampton in discussion with Conwy BKA, North Wales. Booker contact: Melanie Balmer. Conwy BKA contact: Peter McFadden

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