St Albans news by Anne Wingate

Thank you to all the members who attended the Good Bee Husbandry day. Members attended from all Divisions except Barnet and SE Herts or did you not sign in? There were 48 beekeepers including some from Bedfordshire BKA.

We all learnt something and were lucky to have real specimens of EFB and AFB to look at and smell! Andy and Peter were impressed by the turn out, but still felt beekeepers did not realize the ever increasing responsibility DEFRA are passing on to beekeepers. I see Barnet BKA are holding their own Bee Disease workshop on 21st July.

St. Albans members will be pleased to hear that Andy was impressed with our Apiary, set-up and standard of equipment. Keep going. We do need a satellite Apiary, any suggestions of possible sites please let me know.

Our next meeting is 3pm on Saturday 7th July at the Apiary and the subject will be 'Preparing for Winter'. The Beginner Beekeepers will need to purchase white sugar after this meeting. All will be explained !

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