West Herts news by Brian Norman

The exceptional warm weather made it possible to inspect the colonies after their winter interlude. The meeting was well attended with the inspection of the colonies proving very instructive especially to our newer members.

The Autumn treatment against Varroa proved beneficial especially when the floor debris was inspected to show clear evidence of the dead Varroa mites.

One of the member's colonies has already shown the need for extra space – it was decided to allow the brood to expand by applying an extra half brood under the crown board. The other two colonies were briefly inspected to see if they were expanding but due to the afternoon temperature cooling down the hives were duly closed to reduce risk of damage to the brood.
On the third Saturday in May, for those interested in second hand hive equipment, a sale of equipment that the Association has accumulated will take place. All reasonable offers will be accepted.

The next meeting will be Saturday May 5th at 3.00pm.

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