South East Herts news (2) by John Mumford

April showers bring forth May flowers! In a normal year I find that I have to put on supers just to hold the bees and then wait hopefully till June when the Blackberries bloom. This year as soon as I put supers on they get filled up. What they are being filled with I dread to think, since I am having to remove full frames of unused winter stores from brood chambers in order to make room for Queens to raise brood. How much Spring Honey is actually harvested from unused winter stores ?

We are now well into a third week without any appreciable rain and should it continue then I don't think the main honey flow will happen this year.

The next Apiary Meeting on Swarm Control is at the Association Apiary Bayford. Meet at the Church at 2.45pm and move out at 3.00pm. Anyone arriving after 3.00pm will NOT be welcome.

Peter Dalby has volunteered to host the 15th July Apiary Meeting at one of his out-apiary's in Enfield. Peter has various hives etc. to show us. Many thanks Peter for your offer. Look out for details in the July Newsletter.

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